About 2 FunGuys

2FUNGUYS™, founded and owned by Howard Berk and Todd Pittard, is a mushroom growing company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company grows shiitake and oyster mushrooms for sale to local restaurants. They also inoculate logs that are sold to consumers for their own mushroom gardens.

2FUNGUYS.com was founded in 2011; however, Howard and Todd’s love of the fungi started years before they ever met. After meeting one evening at the local farmer’s market and quickly discovering the others love of the fungi, they became fast friends and started a local company selling shiitake and Oyster Mushroom logs so everyone could share in their love of Log Grown Mushrooms. They specialize in selling shiitake and Oyster Mushroom logs. These logs produce premium edible healthy mushrooms for years! (2 to 3).

Todd’s owes his life to mushrooms. That’s why his love began. He gets very rare condition called Cluster Headaches, coined by the medical community as the most painful condition know to mankind. After years of trying to treat the head attacks conventionally with loads and loads of different pharmaceuticals, he began an alternative treatment using mushrooms. He has been pain free for a year and a half. To say Todd owes his life to mushrooms is not an exaggeration in the least.

Howard’s love of the fungus began years before when he decided to start providing fresh, organic food for his family by urban farming. He loves eating mushrooms, and was disappointed with the terrible quality and high prices of the grocery store mushrooms. There was only one thing he could do, grow his own. He transformed his backyard into an organic oasis. 6 chickens, a third of and acre garden, and a few hundred mushroom logs was the result of Howard’s desire to take control of his family’s health and what goes into their bodies.

Within minutes of meeting each other, they had a time and date to get together and start making logs. It was July in Georgia, the skeeters were biting, and2FUNGUYS.com was born. We hope you like our mushrooms as much as we do, we put a lot of love into each log, and in turn, it gives it back. 10% of our sales go to further Cluster Headache research, so you can feel good about your purchase for many reasons! Enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The method Howard and Todd use to produce is fascinating. They harvest healthy, hand-selected Sweetgum trees and then take the harvested logs back to the 2FUNGUYS™ mushroom shop where they inoculate the harvested wood with the Midwest Organic Services Association (M.O.S.A) Organic Plug Spawn. They then age the mushroom logs in aging bins so the mycelium can start to develop and grow.

“We are here to help you grow amazing edible mushrooms! Just reach out to us if you have any questions. “