So, I've got these logs...what the heck do I do now?

Sounds like you need to read our Care Instructions.

My log didn't fruit, what happened?

Many variables are involved in mushrooms fruiting.  Don’t give up!  Try again, making sure the mycelium has run completely based on the date of inoculation. Keep a close eye on the moisture content of the log, and adjust your misting schedule and air exchange. There can be lots of trial and error involved to find what works for your environment!

Why did my mushroom log only have a handful of mushrooms on the first fruit?

Low yield: At first, your log may produce only a few mushrooms.  But as it fruits regularly, it will begin producing more.

My Log is two years old and it did not fruit during this cycle.

An older log may take a break for several cycles. If this happens, keep the moisture level up and it will come back.

How much light does my mushroom log need?

Mushrooms will not grow well in total darkness. They need day and night cycles and will benefit from increased indirect light during fruiting. Be sure to keep the log away from direct sunlight.

Do I have to keep my log inside?

As an alternative to following the indoor maintenance schedule, simply put your log outside in the shade, on or near the ground.  Soak it occasionally and let nature fruit it for you!

I live in a cold climate. Will the snow hurt the log during these really cold winters?

No, these mushroom logs will take a nice long nap during the winter months.  Once the weather breaks, the logs will wake up and be ready to fruit!