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2FunGuys, Howard Berk and Todd Pittard, created a DIY mushroom growing company in Atlanta, Georgia. As mushroom growers themselves, they sell products that empower you, the consumer, to grow amazing log-grown mushrooms at home.

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We put a lot of love into each log, and in turn, it gives it back.
The method we use to produce is fascinating. We harvest healthy, hand-selected Sweetgum trees and then take the harvested logs back to the 2FUNGUYS™ mushroom shop where we inoculate the harvested wood with the Midwest Organic Services Association (M.O.S.A) Organic Plug Spawn. We then age the mushroom logs in aging bins so the mycelium can start to develop and grow.

What Wood Will Work

Wood To Mushroom Species Chart

Our Wood To Mushroom Species Chart will show you which hardwoods wood types work best with our popular mushroom species.

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