Mother’s Day Gift Idea: 11″ Skinny Girl Shiitake Mushroom Log

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: 11″ Skinny Girl Shiitake Mushroom Log


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Whether your mom is a mushroom lover, or gardener, or both – our 11” Skinny Girl Shiitake Mushroom Log is the perfect gift for the mom who enjoys gardening and/or fresh mushrooms!


The log comes already hand-cut and pre-inoculated with shiitake mushroom spores in visible drill holes covered with cheese wax. Simply find a shady spot in your yard and let it sit until the *mycelium colonization period is reached!


The metal plaque on the log states the date of inoculation. Mushrooms should begin to appear after a few months, however the time it takes for them to show could be longer depending on the temperature and weather in the area.


Most of our logs are freshly cut so they arrive full of moisture, but if you notice that they are drying out, soak the log for 24 hours in cold water, and mist it occasionally to keep moisture locked in.


Once the mushrooms begin to grow, it’s important to keep them moist by misting them with a spray bottle every few days. Additionally, you should rotate the log every once in a while to ensure that all the spores on the log receive enough light and air circulation. With proper care, your log will produce mushrooms for a few years.


Shiitake mushrooms are delicious in everything from stir-fries to soups to pasta dishes or eaten sautéed on their own as a side or on top of steak or burgers.


*What is the mycelium colonization period?
Once the mushroom spores fully colonize throughout the log, the mushrooms will start growing.

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