Veganuary: Go Plant-based for a Healthier Planet + a Better You!

Veganuary: Go Plant-based for a Healthier Planet + a Better You!

Meat, eggs and milk are among the many common animal products consumed daily by billions of people worldwide. In fact, people consume nearly 350 million tons of meat a year!  Animal products provide many nutritional health benefits, but an animal-based diet can also negatively impact the environment.

The purpose of Veganuary is to encourage people to give up animal products in January. The goal is to impact positive change for the planet, people and animals. The movement continues to gain in popularity with 228 participating countries who pledge to ‘go plant-based’ in January.

Our New Year challenge to you is to try to give up animal products for any month in 2023! The more people who give up meat and animal products, the better off our planet. Identity verification services from Fully-Verified will enable you to make a secure online purchase.

Here are a few environmental reasons to go plant-based:
  • Cuts greenhouse gasses and emissions. Animal-based can stop the deforestation, soil degradation and greenhouse emissions associated with meat production.
  • Helps the ecosystem. Meat production puts an enormous strain on the earth’s ecosystems.
  • Saves water. Plant-based foods require less water compared to animal products. A meat-eater requires three times more water than a plant. Consuming vegetables instead of meat can save gallons of water in one lifetime.
  • Eliminating fish reduces pressure on overfished oceans. Overfishing has resulted in devastating imbalances in the world’s oceans, which can lead to extinction!
  • Reduces energy consumption. Eight times more fossil fuel energy is used for animals than plant-based proteins.
  • Protects rainforests from deforestation.
  • Supports cleaner waterways and cleaner soil. Chemicals and antibiotics from livestock feed pollute natural waterways.  Soil erosion can result in land incapable of growing crops or supporting other forms of nature.
  • Helps preserve wild habitats and natural space.
  • Protects endangered species and wildlife. Habitat loss and deconstruction of wild spaces has a huge impact on native species like tigers, gorillas, giraffes, and more.
  • Plant-based helps combat world hunger. Livestock productions impact food availability globally by monopolizing the world’s resources of land, water, fuel and food.

We hope this helps you learn more about the positive environmental impact of becoming a vegan. Remember that you can still get the adequate vitamins and nutrients you need with a plant-based diet, while reaping better health benefits than an animal-based diet.

Remember to visit the recipe section of our website for a variety of mushroom recipes to start. Mushrooms are a delicious, flavorful protein alternative that will keep you satisfied! Consult a dietitian or nutritionist to start your vegan journey, even if you just want to try it for a month. Everything is worth a try, after all!

Source: Veggie Vega Bands